Dragonfly application

Few months ago, when my hunger for quilting started, I have been watching related video tutorials like mad (while I was knitting/crocheting late in the night) and learned a lot! Amongs all there was a video about perfect fabric circle using fabric and fusible interfacing!

Catch was to face right sides of fabric and interfacing, top stitch them, cut the open on interfacing, turn it inside out, make circle line smooth (with the little help of finger, pencil, tweezers…) and then iron it!

I am having this this little “prelude” just because my acquaintance (kindergarten teacher) asked me to bright up her boring blue apron (one that is worn over a head). 

That acquaintance saw a dragonfly hat I crocheted for Lola and she wanted dragonfly application.

I thought top stitching fabric and interfacing would have been perfect solution …


O additionally trimmed sew allowance, made long cut on interfacing


and killed my butt trying to decently turned it inside out! Not easy at all - since dragonfly body in not a circle!

But I turned it somehow, no matter how wrong side looked after


important was that right side was usable!

Used solid pale yellow fabric for wings

Pinning all part in the place fun

All part sewed, buttons attached!

Daughter the eldest posed, with that puberty face, but she was way too in hurry (computer was calling her) so the pic is blurry and unsatisfactory!

Cute category - V

Home Pillow

As regulat One Pretty Thing site’s stalker (wink, wink), among mountain of daily dozes of inspiration - one pretty tutorial cought my eyes!

Home for the Holidays ornaments are so cute, charming, playful … but as many other things on my mind - all I did was to put it on my TO-DO-LIST!

So when someone asked me to turn it into pillow - my inner ME was screaming (inside, ofcourse)!

The fabrics have been choosen:

I made house template (+ smaller ones: door, window, bird) transfering it with the help of ceramic vessels:

And if I mind my backpain and many, many straight machine stitches around small parts - the house pillow was pure joy and gratification!!!!!!

Finished measures cca 37X33cm

All fabrics are cotton from Cateks!

P.S. I’m sure those pillows are gonna be my favourite gift to people I love!

Quilt for the first time! Godmother also!

For the first time in my life I’ve been chosen to be a godmother!

This was also an opportunity for me to go to confessions after long 7 years! And I was so over the moon realising that I have been looking my priest in the eyes while I confessed! I really dislike those boxes with wooden/plastic divider. Also I like to se priest’s reaction on what I am confessing!

To cut long story short - I am in heaven! There was so many on my chests (shame on  me). 

The father Mijo is simple, incredible human beeing - so normal and down to earth!

Having the privilige to have goddaughter made me wanna make little Marla something special - something I would make for the first time also - a quilt!

And as I said I had a quilt crush as my latest craft crush!

Well - since I am beginner I naturally wanted to do something more complicated - and after first failed and lack of time I ended up with 9 squares not so complicated!

Back od patchwork:

Some details:

Marla and her quilt:

Marla’s big sister Iris and us (some of my kids at the back):

A happy bunch on our way to church:

And the cutest godmother and goddaughter:

Sewing love!

I am buried in work (custom orders), which is good - but that leaves me sleep deprived with right shoulder that hurts like hell.

Also due to deadlines I barely read other crafty blogs and only light is Tweeter and its super speedy transmission of informations!

Let me tell you that my butt hurts also due to lots od sitting so when I got custom sewing order - was estatic!
I was asked to make the same cosmet bag I did few months ago, but in another fabrics.


Though I not the happiest when customers leave me open hands for choosing and combining coloures (since people call me trafiic lights, coloure blind … ), but this time I decided within 10 minutes and the result was … lovely:

Got some fabric scraps and couldn’t resist to try a little bit more of quilting:

45minutes later I had a wristlet!

More than satisfied the way it turned out! Sewing rocks! That’s why I didn’t stop - cut several fabric straps

and made quilted bias tape (note to myself: buy bias tape maker)

And I need bias for binding a bib!

Cute catregory

Finally, I shaped the necktie pacifier clip! Happy as a clown!

And this tie can fin into “cute-category”. Ofcourse, cute by my opinion. And since I mostly work with custom orders I really need to find some time for crafting I like (not that I don’t like what people order … just saying I need to work on my craft-development).

So, to soothe my craft hunger I looked into my little inspiration notebook (there is one in my bag and one in craftroom - you never know when ideas will strike) and picked up dragonfly application - made of fabric and some crocheting.
Boy, I instantly fell in love:

Lola also:

Then I wanted to make s hat with fabric cloud application … but wasn’t happy with how cloud turned out so I quickly crocheted 6 coloureful circles and caterpillar hat was born - another “cute item” by my opinion:

And finally - something cute just for me and my eyes. Remember few lines above and cloud application went wrong? Well, cloud maybe wasn’t good for a hat, but I stuffed it, stitched a smile and got me plushy once again I fell in love with (I’m pretty craft amorous these days):

Putting my brain in action

I didn’t take blog break because it was my choice but because my PC was attacked by virusis and hubby took good amount of time to get rid off of them! Now, PC is at our friend for  final “touch” and we bought new computer.
That only means that I had to deal with whole bunch of passwords for all pages I’m using (luckily I wrote down all of them - unluckily I had to find them which took me time).

With new PC we installed Windows7 and I don’t have to tell you I was totally impressed with that “thing”, acting like a child in front of candy shop window!

In between I was working on crocheting/knitting orders and since that’s not intereting at all I will post about a challenge my employer gave me - necktie pacifier clip!

She wanted it crocheted - I decided to try sewn one. And this time I also decided not to look on net for any kind of inspiration since usual custom orders don’t let my imagination spreads - this time I wanted to put my brain action!

First I drove contours of necktie:

OK, I know - this isn’t near brain action, but be patient please!

Next - paper patter:

I had two coloured tie in my mind: upper part would have been brighter to imitate a shirt.

Next move - fabric action!

Finally- a challenge - the length both of pacifier stripe and clip strap!

Lengths - version 1:(I thought clip strap shold have been longer) 

How version 1 looks on Lola (testing volunteer):

Result: necktie pacifier clip is always away of the body and that wasn’t in my mind!

So I extended pacifier strap and shortened clip strap:

Result - necktie pacifier clip is closer to body but still there is some kind of “bridge” between shirt and clip:

(this one is blury but you can see “the bridge” I was talking about)

And than it struck me that metal clip shouldn’t have been attached on one end of strap - but it should have been able to slide along the strap (finally brain in action!!!!!!):

(note: strap on upper part of tie)

Lola the volunteer:

Now, necktie is finally close to body but I still have to fix the length od pacifier strap and make front of tie quilted - in another word - testing in progress here!

Pillow case

Last night (just like almost every night) I went to bed around 2AM and realizes Lola was a bit “hotter” than usual, but since she was sleeping peacefully I just put some tiny blanket over her and removed heavy one.

In the morning she was sleeping for the whole hour longer so I didn’t take her to kindergarten instead we stayed home.

Her slight case of temperature dropped without any medicament help, but she was little bit cranky so I wanted make her a pillow cover (she has chosen the flanel fabric before) she was asking about:

I wanted to make it as simple as it can be - one piece of long rectangle fold twice and seamed - but I didn’t have enough of length.

Plan B:

..fold lengthwise, leaving few centimeters for seam allowance, and leaving more than few cm for fold!

I did all seams with my serger (boy, it was done in a snap of fingers):

Next I turned out pillow case, put the pillow in to decide how much of flanel to fold inwards so it could have fitted:

Marked 5 button holes and finally did it right (so far my button holes were pretty disgraceful) and 5 flower-ish buttons later - Lola approved it!

Fuchsia finally!

Finally I did get pic of me in my fuchsia dress! Well, as a poor self-portrait-taker pic is blurry and you can also notice all of the mess in daughter the eldest room (but she is 11 and I’m not gonna clean it!)

And while eldest one is about to clean up her room, daughter in the middle did it last night (after lots of tears and resistance). Also the one in the middle got her Cat Hat

As always she was very can’t-stay-still-more-that-1-second so I’m glad I got even this pic OK!

But the hat started with lots of ripping (3x):

and all that because I never took gauge when crocheting! Stupid, I know, specially when you took into count I did gauge for every knitting! Why I avoid it for crocheting? Beat me if I know!

And talking about crocheting - just few pics of latest accomplishments for my employer:

1. Frog Rattles

And some headbands:

Almost forgot - TNX for all of your concern about my fall down the stairs! (BTW, since my upper arms are bruised also I really look like someone being the victim of domestic violence!)

Lazy post

Last 7+ days I spent mostly sewing. Also I bought me a surger!!!!!!!!!

Also, this is my dress for cousin wedding I have been making! No full pic since I didn’t take camera to wedding dinner! Bummer!

I sewed Franciska dress - but since I didn’t have enough fabric I had to “upgrade” it with some satin ribbon and back-dot-fabric (blurry pic):

But before F’s and mine dress I did 4th Reversible Summer Tunic for daughter the eldest friend Lucija:

While staying at my parents’ for wedding I used opportunity to hold my other cousin daughter since I like holding babies. Lola was most excited and she didn’t stop talking about little Bianka:

And to conclude this lazy post - every time we go to visit my parents my kids (and sis daughter also) like having “stand” for their handmade things they “sell” to grandparents! Kids!