B-day present

I have one suggestion for myself - PLAN AHEAD!

If I have started only one day earlier - I wouldn’t have had two sleepless nights with going to bed at 4AM!

And I’, talking about b-day present - handmade one, ofcourse.

See, my FIL’s girlfriend is knitter/crocheter herself and professional cook so for the last few years we run out of ideas for cooking related presents … so I decided to make her something!

The decision had been made to knit her Glynis socks!

But I casted on only 36 hrs before b-day lunch so from sockes I switched to anklets!

Yarn was Drops Alpaca and sfter one lace repaet I realised pattern didn’t show properly! So I whitched to plane stocking sts!

Anklets were done in time, luckily for me!

Used packing paper, triangle fabric scraps and sewing machine to make “envelop” for socks:

We always love out little elevator ride to FIL!

                        (yes, I have pink-ish hair now)

We gave our presents to b-day girl:



Fit perfectly!